World Building for Fantasy & Sci Fi Writers

By A. Wrighton

The cool part about Sci Fi/Fantasy is that there are not a lot of rules when it comes to writing in the genre. We get to play with magic, space, and the unknown. Reality is flexible and ours to mold. It’s what some people might call “winning.” But that doesn’t mean there are no rules at all.

Some of the most quintessential rules in Sci Fi/Fantasy writing have to do with World Building. And they’re pretty much set in stone. If a writer should choose not to follow the rules of World Building, their story will lack believability, candor, and umpf. You can have the most well-rounded and well-written characters in the world, but if you opted out of World Building Rules… it’s going to flop. I’d bet you homemade cookies for life on it.

What is World Building anyway? Asked the historical/romance/literary writer.

It’s about creating a world – complete with government, clothing, plants, animals, food, drink, housing, weapons, languages, cultures, etc. etc. – that the story occurs in. And, for the most part, a lot of what you create as you World Build will never make it into your books in more than a simple sentence or two because that is all it takes to build credibility with your reader. Most other genres already have their world built for them – it takes place on Earth, with humans, at a certain time period that is already established and known. No surprises.

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